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Administrative Mobile App

An individual that is authorized to use the Tombfinder.com administrative mobile application for record upload is generally a cemetery employee. The administrative mobile app allows for cemetery records to be uploaded to both the participating cemeteries website and Tombfinder.com. The software developers at SaasSoft are also in the process of creating a mobile application for general site users and record managers.

The participating cemetery purchases the rights to use the Tombfinder mobile app for quick, easy, and accurate upload of their new and existing burial records. The purpose of uploading these burial records to the database is to keep them safe from damage as most cemetery records are currently kept as hard copy, paper files. The Tombfinder mobile app also allows the exact GPS coordinates of each grave site to be uploaded with the record information, making the information highly valuable. Completed records uploaded by the cemetery via the Tombfinder App will contain a photo of the grave site, the GPS coordinates, and any text written on the grave markers.

The cemetery will also have the opportunity to go back and add in additional information in blank fields on a record after it has been properly uploaded to the web and verified. As an example, an additional field that the cemetery might want to add in is their plot location information, such as section, lot, and grave number. Most of the additional details that are available to to be added into a record will be added by the Record Manager after their purchase of an Enhanced Account.

The Mobile App is designed to be extremely user friendly. It is also being made to be compatible with other informational systems in the future. Some of which will include Android Devices and Touchpad Processors such as the iPad. The App allows it’s user(s) to walk up to a grave site, snap a photo, add in desired text fields and then simply click upload. The customer relations team at SaasSoft will then proceed to verify and moderate all records and make sure they get posted to the websites.

It is important that all of the cemetery records go through a moderation and verification process to ensure that the information is accurate and respectful to the deceased. The SaasSoft team is making every effort to be as helpful to participating cemeteries as possible during this upload process as some cemeteries are quite large and have a significant amount of records to upload.

All participating cemeteries using the Tombfinder software have made a smart choice to keep their records safe from possible damage. It is important to preserve the records of the past and in doing so all involved are preserving history. By making the decision to migrate to a web solution and adopt the use of technology applications helps launch the Cemetery industry into the current century. They’re keeping themselves on the cutting edge, while also making memorial resources available to the friends and families they service on a day to day basis.

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