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Case Study

The Tombfinder (TF) web technology is designed to be simple, effective, and easy to use. At Sassoft we make an effort to use the same philosophy in all aspects of our business. Thatʼs why weʼve created a basic, easy to understand pricing scale. The scale changes based on the number of records a cemetery has & the amount of data our server has to host. The profit for both participating cemeteries & TF alike stems from the selling & purchasing of our Enhanced Account. Cemeteries will have the opportunity to provide an Enhanced Account Burial (EAB) to the grieving loved ones of the deceased at the time of burial, giving them a way to memorialize their lost via the web, or they may later purchase one via The Tombfinder website. Basic account set up fees are only charged during year 1 of partnership with Sassoft. Following the first year of activity, participating cemeteries will only be required to pay a minimal hosting fee, and licensing of the TF mobile app for the upload of new accounts.

Case Study Table1

Data Hosting Fees

Up to 7,000 records hosted: $28 mo. or $336 per yr.

Up to 15,000 records hosted: $56 mo. or $672 per yr.

Up to 25,000 records hosted: $82 mo. or $984 per yr.

Up to 40,000 records hosted: $100 mo. or $1200 per yr.

Case Study Table2

Additional Features Coming Soon:

In 2011 Tombfinder is looking to add many additional features to the website. Some of which include:

• AdministrationApplication

• Device rentals for initial import ($300 a week)

• Add on enhancement for Newsletters ($5 month)

• Event calendar ($5 month)

• EAB Genealogy builder (free)

• online purchasing of enhanced accounts

• online billing system

• Affiliate program for important date reminders (free)

• Licensable tomb API for third party integration

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